Thursday, February 16, 2012

and the award goes to....

"And the award goes to.....!!!"

Me.  Yep.  I know you all wanted it...don't hate.  I snagged this baby today.

This morning Luke came out and said (in the most whiney, pathetic voice he could produce) "I have a headaaaaache...".  In all honesty, it was the whining that (since it's been going on most of the week) made every annoyed hair on my neck stand up.  It was the whine that somehow overrode my motherly instinct for care and compassion and brought out Mommy Dearest...who said "Fine.  I'll give you ibuprofen and you will spend the day in bed.  No TV, no video games."  And off he went.  In a passing moment of angst over my cold-heartedness, I went and sat on his bed and asked (in the kindest voice I could muster) if there was some other reason he didn't want to go to school today.  Something he didn't want to do.  He said, "No, I just have a headaaaaache."  In the whine.  If you're a know the one.

It made every bell and whistle in my head go off, saying "Faker Alert!  Faker Alert!!", but I kept him home, and all tucked in, just waiting to pounce on that first inkling of him letting The Act down.  It came about an hour or so later.  Suddenly, he was ready to eat, and the headache was better.  Then he wanted to play on the computer.  AHA!!  I immediately told him no, and to go ahead and get dressed, because he WOULD be attending school today.  He quietly and somewhat reluctantly complied.  And he was soon delivered to the office...tardy, but not absent.

Thinking myself quite the savvy and clever Mama, I went off about the rest of my day.  About 3 hours later, I found myself answering a call from the school nurse..."Mrs. Clemmer, I have Lucas here.  He came in complaining of a headache, and I took his temperature, and sure enough, he has a fever of need to come pick him up." 

Um...slice of humble pie anyone?  Maybe a side of crow?

Duh, me...  In hindsight, it certainly makes sense...about an hour after medicating the child, he felt better.  About 4 hours after, he felt worse again.  The medicine worked...and then wore off.  Obvious...duh.

I was oh-so-kind-and-sweet when picked my little boy up, on this cold rainy day (wracked with guilt...okay, 'wracked' might be slightly overstating it...but I did feel bad)...and brought him home, where he could barely make it in the door before hitting the couch and being out like a light.
So yeah...worst mom easy score when you've got mad-mom skillz like me.  I do this mom-thing like a boss.  And I'm gangsta too.  Okay...another overstatement.  But whatev.


Andrea said...

Ahhh, it's OK. Sometimes we need that 3 hours of sanity. Sanity that only comes when there's no whining.

Zoanna said...

You are not alone. Moms are human. Sometimes the obvious escapes us, and if it comes with a whine? Forget it. All you want is the whine GONE! My compassionate is zero when i hear whining.

Ibuprofen said...

One of my coworkers swears we need to start doing bedside skin allergy tests. I at least want to offer one day and pretend like we do.