Friday, February 17, 2012

Big 3 Challenge

Lately, blogging has felt hard because I feel like I just can't find my words.  Normally, I love words...I really do.  I think I feel about words like Luke feels about Legos...there are so many...big ones, little ones, plain ones and really unique ones, and it's up to my imagination to put them together to create something fun and exciting.  But lately, I just feel like they've gotten all jumbled up in my head, and I keep trying to tell myself "USE YOUR WORDS!", but my thoughts swirl and I can't grab them and get them properly sorted out in any way that makes sense, to myself, let alone anyone else!!  I think they've gotten lost and/or buried under a pile of "Mom, I need help with my essay..." and "Mom, you have to do flashcards with me for homework..." and "Mom, can you quiz me on this foreign-language-that-you-didn't-learn-and-you-have-no-idea-how-to-pronounce-the-words-you-need-to-ask-me?" and "Mom, what's the difference between cementation, compaction and sedementation????" AAAAGGGHHHHHH. All my words are getting used up in NON-fun ways, and it's very tiring!! the spirit of endeavoring to hang on to 'me' in the midst of mothering, I'm determined to plug away and cultivate that which I love...word crafting.  And my friend, Andrea, (a real-life and blog-world friend) provided me with an opportunity to come up with a fun post, sharing three things about myself, and then tagging three other bloggers.  It's the Big 3 Challenge...(see the big '3' below).

First, let me say, you simply MUST go visit Andrea's blog, called About's really a lot of fun!!  Some days I just laugh so hard, like at this post "It Happened to Me" (pretty sure this is my all-time favorite blog post; if you have a problem with tears 'leaking' down your leg from laughing to hard, make sure you're wearing your Depends), and some days I just sit and nod, because I so completely this post "Damage Control". Anyway, go visit her at About 100% and enjoy!!

And now...on to the Big 3...

 Okay...numero uno...(see how much I'm learning from having to quiz my daughter on Spanish homework??)...  Let's see...

1.  One time, about 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to go on a cruise.  My husband's company paid and took the entire company on a 4 day cruise in the Virgin Islands.  Everything (for us) was free.  We boarded the Royal Caribbean ship in Puerto Rico and off we went.  And I hated it.  It was possibly one of the most stressful vacations.  We docked in a different port each day, got off the ship, went to the beach, and were on our own to make sure we were back in time to leave port again in the evening.  I was worried every day that we would 'miss the boat'...literally!   And it was too many places and too many activities packed into a short period of time.  And airports...well, they just stress me out in general, so...yeah.  OH, and let's not forget the nude beach...which was technically NEXT TO the beach that we were on, but the nudists did not feel the need to stay put on their side of the little sign that divided the two...and believe you me...there was nothing walking up and down that beach that should be exposed or that anyone wanted to see.  Call me Debbie Downer, but it was just not my idea of a good time.  Shocking...who on earth would hate a cruise - and a free one at that??  *raises hand*
Love Boat??  More like "Stress Boat"!!!

(When they took us to an all-inclusive in Jamaica the next time...that was MUCH more my idea of a good time.  And then...just when I get to the season of life where I REALLY need a vacation, they stopped doing them!  What's up with that??)

2.  On Todd and my first 'real' date (we'd been best friends for a long time already, but this was after we decided to be 'more than friends'...oh, the intricacies of teenage romance) we had attended a play at our school.  Since, the living room in my childhood home was about the size of a matchbox, and was full-up with parents and little sisters, we decided we didn't want to go straight back there afterward because we wanted to talk.  And in all seriousness, I PROMISE this was all we had in mind to do!!!  (C'mon, after 19 years of marriage, I'd admit it at this point if there were other intentions...I can't be grounded from seeing him anymore, so I got nothin' to lose here...!!)  Well, we saw a little 'clearing' near a local cemetery, and decided to pull the car in there.  Unbeknownst to us, under a bed of fallen leaves (it was November), was an open hole.  Some type of well, apparently.  And when one drives a car over an open hole...well...the rear tire fell in.  And try as we may...and believe you me, I made Todd try any and everything we could think of...there was no dislodging it.  After quite a long time of trying, breaking curfew, and then a desperate call home (in which I begged to bypass Mom and pleaded to talk to 'Daddy')...well, Dad showed up, a lot less compassionate to my plight than I had hoped, cigarette glowing in the dark, and somehow got us unstuck.  You'd think I'd remember how he accomplished that, but I don't.  All I remember is that dads of 16 year old daughters are not easily convinced of innocent intentions when there is a 16 year old boy, a car, and a dark, secluded clearing involved.  Nope, not good.  And I have to say, as a mom of an almost-16 year old girl myself now...well, let's just say I have a whole new perspective.  ;)
Not quite this bad...but almost!!
3.  One time, years after the 'hole incident', we returned to the same cemetery...with, uh...different intentions.  But this time, we had been married for 4+ years, and it was our first date after having Kaitlyn.  We had driven up the winding hill through the was a lovely view...and parked.  Seeing as we were, *ahem* distracted, we didn't see the police car that pulled in and parked behind us...until he was shining an extraordinarily bright flashlight into the car.  He asked Todd who his 'friend' which he replied sheepishly, "My wife."  The cop asked me to verify this fact, and then asked for both our ID's.  He returned to his car, and while we sat, embarressed, watching in the rear view mirror, he got on the radio and apparently communicated the hilarity of our little 'predicament' to other bored officers in the area looking for an evening laugh.  At least he found it amusing.  When he could re-apply his serious, somber expression, he returned to the car and suggested we "take it outside the borough limits".  With a sigh, Todd said "I think we'll just pick up our baby and go home."  What's a couple gotta do to get some privacy???  Apparently...stay out of cemeteries, for a start!!  Lesson learned.

"Why hello officer.  Glad we could bring some entertainment to your evening..."

And now to tag 3 other amazing bloggers!!

First, you simply will love meeting and getting to know Angela over at 365 Days to Simplicity!!  Ang is one of my very dear friends, and she is CRAZY talented at any and all things creative.  You'll be blown away by her talents, inspired by her menu plans and appreciate her passion for trying to create a more simple lifestyle.  Go see for yourself!

Secondly, let me introduce you to Julie at The Hopple Family!  Julie and I met through a mutual connection I had made when we were cyber-schooling, and it turned out not only did we live in the same area, we shared family members!!  My aunt, turns out, it also hers, through marriage!!  Crazy stuff those internet connections!  Anywho...Julies shares lots of bloggy goodness including decor, DIY, food and inspiration!  Her life as a Mama of 4 in the suburbs is a fun adventure!!

And the third tag, though it was hard to narrow my choices, goes to Holly at Holly's Hobbie!  Holly is an absolute sweety (which some might attribute to her being 'southern', but I'm standing firm that she was a PA girl first!!) (oh, and I'm not biased at all that she is my cousin and lifelong friend) and she shares all kinds of inspiration about her life with her kiddos, her journey with weight loss, fitness and healthy eating, her faith, and her fun travels.  I'm sure after reading her encouraging words, you'll find yourself inspired!

If you pop in on any of these ladies, feel free to tell them I sent ya!!  Happy blogging!


Julie said...

Funny stories! Now... what 3 things can I talk about...?

Andrea said...

I love it! I can totally understand the cruise confession, and the parking moments are gems. Who knew you and Todd had such trouble getting it on? Thanks too for the kind words. :)