Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This week I'm scurrying around pulling together all the details for a marriage retreat we are doing this weekend...and I'm so excited!! I love planning fun things, especially fun things for married couples. We learned the hard way how vitally important it is to keep your marriage healthy by just having time together to connect and have fun and enjoy each other so I love having a chance to sow into other marriages and encourage couples to keep love alive!

We didn't specifically plan to hold the retreat so close to Valentine's Day, but the timing just worked out well. I know some of you hate Valentine's because of built up expectations (and the subsequent disappointment) but I always welcome it as an opportunity to make sure that I express love, for my hubby and my kiddos. Since I've change my point of view from looking/hoping/wanting some big romantic gesture to one of embracing an opportunity to make a big deal about those I love the most.

So, get your thinking caps on...whether it's a spouse, your kids, nieces and nephews or grandkids...don't miss an opportunity to do something special to say "Hey...I LOVE YOU!!!!" :0)

Next week I'll give you a few Valentine ideas, but I don't want to blow any of our retreat moments and spoil the fun for some of the ladies who are going (and I know will be reading this).

And now...I need to switch gears in my brain, because I was planning to do all the food shopping for the retreat tomorrow, and cooking on Thursday (we leave on Friday)...but it looks like we're gonna get another snow dump over the next two days and I won't be going anywhere!!


Laura said...

aww, come on- you can spill a few details, can't you?

Bets said...

No, no - I love surprises - don't give in to the pressure Jess!