Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, as in many places, we are getting another dumping of snow. Normally, I love snow. As long as I don't have to go anywhere, and all my loved ones are tucked in safe and sound at home. I love sitting in my warm, cozy house, watching the beautiful white blanket cover the earth. It warms my heart to see my kids all bundled up and out playing for hours on end (and expending a lot of that pent up winter energy!), building forts and sledding and snowboarding. But is a different story.

Basically, because of the confusing/incorrect weather reports (I know...they can't really know exactly what's gonna happen...they're not God!), schools in our area didn't close, or even delay. It was supposed to be not bad in the morning, and worsen later, and I'm sure their thinking was get the kids here, get a few hours logged, send them home early and call it a day. Except that conditions this morning were much, MUCH worse than I think anyone expected. Buses were running very late just trying to pick up the students in the morning, only to get them to school late, and then be told they would be being sent back home within just 3 hours or less. Bryce just got home and told me one of their buses never even made it to school at all today! I can't imagine the stress level of all those bus drivers today, and my prayers go out for them!! And then, the fact that I'm entrusting my babies to them...well, that earns them extra prayers for sure!

I also have one of those 'invincible' husbands. He should've been a mailman, because "neither snow, nor rain, nor dark of night..." seems to keep him from his job. It's actually quite an admirable trait for a man. The problem lies in the fact that I am a woman, who craves security and protection, and feels very vulnerable in any type of severe weather circumstance! And, though I trust my husband's driving skills and judgment, in almost all other circumstances, I become completely irrational when it comes to snowy and icy conditions. I get very stressed and feel helpless being here myself...if I, heaven forbid, had to get out anywhere, I'd be toast!!

Now, the rational side of my brain knows that all of this panic is completely blown out of proportion, and I'm literally telling myself that, repeatedly, today. Because my hope, my prayer, was that my hubby would hurry home to us in the 'lull' between the two storm fronts that are hitting us today...but when I asked this morning, he said he'd be working a full day. He told me two storms ago that it frustrates him when I nag him about staying home, because he has a job to do, and him doing it affects other people as well. So I'm trying really hard to keep my mouth shut. But sometimes it's really hard being a woman, what with all these protective, motherly instincts raging inside me!!!

How 'bout you? Am I alone in this, or does anyone else freak out when you hear the words "6 inches of snow" and want to gather all your loved ones under one roof???


Zoanna said...

I am totally with you, Jessi. My hubby was getting dressed this morning while it was still dark and I asked if it snowed. He said yes and I asked, "then why are you going to work?" He said, "cuz I have a meeting." I kept my mouth shut but I was thinking, "Just a meeting? You risk life and limb for a dumb meeting?" As I said, kept my mouth shut (totally a God thing) but wished that would use his clout to call meetings OFF in times like this. INstead his work ethic and conscientiousness "drive" him to work.
The really hard thing--and you will find this all too soon--is watching your colllege age students drive off in the snow to school because their college has not cancelled. It might by the time your kid gets there in an hour and a half of 30mph driving! I keep praying against my fear and anxiety. Keeping all my little chickies and the rooster in the coop makes me feel so much better!

Anonymous said...

You're my twin...

Ditto every thought!

Nici ~

Angela said...

I'm totally with you! Chris normally has the option of working from home two days every week, but they can't be consecutive days. Believe me, you get used to that!

So he got up this morning ready for work because he was working from home yesterday only to try find his snow blower died and has to shovel 12 inches of snow by hand. He finally said forget it and came back in. But believe me he's been cranky all day! I guess either way we pay!

Dana @ Cookin' At Cafe D said...

Well, my hubby is still at work. And here in Chicago, they are forecasting anywhere from 12 to - get this - 38 inches.

(So says the computer model. No one really believes that, but the weather person says that SOMEONE is getting over 24 inches, we just don't know who yet.)

I'll be heading home soon. Hubby? Not sure when they'll get out. And, I won't be happy till he's home.

Soon. soon.....