Friday, January 21, 2011

stomach bugs, car keys and aprons

Since last weekend, our house has been an interesting mix of birthday, holiday, snow days and stomach bugs. Last night I started a post detailing some of the more humorous moments (in hindsight, of course) of the week, but realized it was getting long and wordy, and probably isn't all that funny to anyone else. So, scratch that.

Though, you may get a chuckle from hearing about our adventures yesterday afternoon when I piled all the kids up to make a 'quick trip' to the library, assuring myself that my stomach could handle just a 45 minute round-trip jaunt, only to lock my keys, wallet and cell phone in the van after arriving mere minutes before the library closed, being stranded on the streets of Boyertown for a while (well, just while I made phone calls to arrange our rescue), and then killing time in a teeny, little hometown pharmacy that remains just the way it was when I went there in 5th grade. (I'm pretty sure some of the inventory was still there from that year as well. I haven't seen shoe horns in years!!) All four kids and I hung out, they bought 'penny candy' (which, by the way is now 5 cents a piece) and we read the greeting cards to each other and laughed out loud, passing the time til Todd arrived to unlock the van. (After we bought the candy, I did tell the clerk that I had locked my keys in the van outside and we were waiting for someone to come unlock it, just so he didn't wonder why we made such a measly purchase and continued to hang out for another half hour. Not that we are a particularly sinister looking bunch or anything, but still.)

Anyhoo... what I really wanted to post about was simply what made me smile this week, through all the craziness. It's a completely minor and unimportant (to anyone else) thing, but it just made me feel cozy each time I looked at it. It's the new apron my mama got me for Christmas. I had always sort of scoffed at aprons in my younger years, but with all the cooking I do these days (and all the shirts I've had to pre-spot time and again because of grease splatters) I now see the great value of aprons...AND they make such adorable ones now!! These aren't your grandma's smock-style frocks now!! (Though, I have to say, I have very fond memories of my grandma, mom and aunts decked out in aprons and good smells wafting from the kitchen...and I would love for my kiddos to have such fond memories as well.) So when I got my apron, I wasn't sure where to keep it that it would be easily accessible, but not just tossed somewhere. Then I saw the perfect place...the hook on the bottom of my hanging votive holder. It was just begging to have something hanging from it, and the apron was the perfect thing. And it even matches the red wall behind it and the while hutch beside it. Yep, it's cozy. And it makes me smile. It's the simple things...


Holly said...

I too got an apron from my Mom for Christmas! It's all cute and frilly and it has my initial on it!

I too love the idea of passing on the memories of yummy smells and good times to my kids, just like the memories I have of Grandma, Mom and Aunts that you talked about!

I love the simple things in life! Hope you all are over the yucky stomach stuff!

Aunt Linda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, Jess!!!! I often wear aprons, and a couple years ago I found Christmas aprons--one says "Cookie Maker" and the other one, which is kid-size, says "Cookie Taster". I've hauled them along to Holly's for the past 2 years when we go for Christmas & it's so fun that Luke & Avery love to wear them & seem to love cooking/baking with Nanny!! I'm looking forward to Monroe joining in that fun next year!

So much of adult life can be made to feel cozy when there are good childhood memories to think back upon. I don't recall Grandma EVER making a meal without wearing her apron! And her sister (Aunt Becky) always had hers on too. See, one generation after another gets to share in warm, fuzzy memories, all because of aprons!

Cook on, apron wearers, cook on!

Angela said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! You should have called me if you were stranded in B-town. You always have a friend in Boyertown!

Also I love that apron! it's very cute!! I want a nice apron too, but I want one that says something complimentary about my buns. I'll have to wait though. I look ridiculous in an apron right now because of my large belly. Six more weeks and then I can use one to cover my hanging skin!