Monday, December 20, 2010

thinking long-term

Last night we had to have one of those parent/teenager talks with our lovely daughter. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining or saying anything negative toward her. She's an awesome kid, but suffice it to say, she doesn't love school. Let me clarify...she loves SOME aspects of socializing, extra-curriculars like dramas and musicals, socializing, choir, socializing and civics class. Aside from that, the rest of it is sort of a thorn in her side, so to speak. I feel comfortable sharing this, because I believe that she would openly and completely agree. And, my point really isn't having to do with her, so much as something Todd said that really impressed me and I keep thinking about it. We were telling her the importance of working hard in school now, even though she doesn't like it. Todd's wise words to her were that she needs to work hard now, for a relatively short time (high school) at something she doesn't enjoy, so that she can get to a point where she can train or prepare or choose to do something she does like, for the long haul. If she chooses to slack off now, and not put in the time and effort, she will very likely end up in a dead-end job, and being forced to do something she doesn't like for a much longer time than just a few years. I thought that was very insightful, and a good way to explain it to a teenager. His follow up words to her almost made the 'mommy' side of me choke though...he said "Kate, you're 14. That's only 4 years til 18, at which time you WILL be going to college or getting a job and preparing to go out on your's time to grow up."

(Ahhh....4 years?!?! That's crazy! How did that happen??)

In any case, I thought the part about choosing to do the tough thing for the short term for long term benefits is so true in many, many areas of life, and just have been pondering that this morning. It rings true with everything from budgeting to disciplining kids. From physical training to cleaning the house! Not every part of what we do in life is 'fun'. But pressing in through the tough stuff almost always produces good results in the end!

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