Thursday, December 16, 2010

no obligation

I think I'm realizing more this year how much pressure I...and probably lots of other people...put on ourselves at Christmas time. We think we have to do things....well, just because. Because it's Christmas and that's what. we. do. Why do I feel the obligation to bake Christmas cookies? Because it's what ya do! Why do I feel like I should come up with something cute and meaningful and creative for the kids' teachers gifts? Because it's what ya do! Why do I feel terrible about not sending Christmas cards this year? Because it's what ya do!

Well, I'm trying to break out of that box.

I have no intentions of making cookies from scratch this year. I got Betty Crocker mixes that you just add eggs and butter to. It'll save a lot of mess, frustration, and my family will gobble them up just the same. I'm still debating about the teacher gifts. "Gifts" is one of my love languages, so unless a gift card carries some significance, I hate giving them (or worse yet, cash!). I want there to be a reason why I gave what I gave. Because it came from the heart! For example, Luke wants to give his teacher a gift card for Dunkin' Donuts...because she gets coffee there every morning. (It's just down the road from the school). So I think that's a perfect choice because it was for a reason! (By the way, he picks gifts with his heart like I do...and I love it! He's so fun to shop with!) I've been thinking...."Oh, I could make them this, and this, and Oh! What teacher wouldn't love this?!?!" Then I say to myself..."Slow down, girl! Simple...remember!" And then it's almost like a big sigh of relief to think..."Yeah, I can do something super-simple and they'll still appreciate it", because this obsession to find the perfect thing is really in MY mind...and not theirs! I'm quite sure the kids' teachers are not thinking "Well, I'm SO not going to be impressed if I don't get something homemade from those Clemmer kids!!" I need to grow past my insecurities...and life will probably be much more enjoyable for everyone! :)

So, in the next few days I may still try to whip up some Honey Cinnamon Butter, and make some peppermint bark....but only because I want to. Not because I have to. And I can, because my Christmas shopping is done way early for me! (I don't usually finish til about the day before Christmas, so being done makes me feel like Christmas should be tomorrow! Another whole week plus to go yet?!?! Ah...I can barely stand the wait now!)

Here's to simplicity and the release from obligation!!

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