Thursday, December 16, 2010

for the record

In the interest of maintaining my integrity, and not just 'running' with a story, I must do this follow up post to my Cliff Lee excitement post to say that in his full press conference yesterday (which yes, I did watch, because yes, I am a dork like that...) he said that the wife being spit on story was blown out of proportion, and that's not why he turned down the Yankees. He still said that he loves Philly, thinks they're a winning team...and that he wants to be where his family will be happy and he can win games. He said he discussed it with his wife and his kids, and listened to how they felt, and based his decision on all those things. So it's still his love of family and the love of the game that brought him here, which I still admire.

And he all but said he just didn't want to be in NY or with those Yanks. ;)

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