Thursday, April 12, 2012


I want to share with you one of the best organizational items I own. It was a gift my sister made for me, and nearly every day I think..."I love this thing!" I am very organizationally as well as time challenged. So, picture this scenario...on a weekly basis...
"Jess, do you know what time it is?!?"
"Yeah...I'm almost ready..."
"We have to go...!!"
"I know!! I'm trying to find earrings...!!" 
Because, you see, all my earrings were all just tossed into a little box, which meant always trying to delicate pick through to find the matched set. But no sis and her creativity to the rescue...

 This, my friends, is a picture frame, with screen.  All I do is poke my earrings through the screen an voila!  All sorted and waiting at my finger tips!!
 You too can say goodbye to your jewelry handicaps!  Seriously, you can totally make this yourself!  (I think)  Go get a frame, some screen, some felt and a stapler...and make one!  You can do it!!  Easy peasy...(says me, who was too lazy to make one for herself, which is why I'm saying this totally tongue-in-cheek, for my sister's personal entertainment)!! Honestly, I have no idea how easy peasy...or was.  Which is why I never did it myself...  I'm pretty sure you can search other, better blogs to find out specifics how to make on, but as you can see from this 'back shot',
there's felt around the screening, (so no scratchy edges to catch on anything) and I think it's stapled to the frame.  (I should have my sister guest-blog instructions for you.  Then again, if you are creative and ambitious enough to make one yourself, then you're probably creative and ambitious enough -like her - to figure it out for yourself!) This one was specifically painted and distressed to go with my other decor in my room, but you can obviously personalize it any way you want! 

In any case, this is an awesome gift...for someone else, or for yourself!  You can DIY, I'm sure.  Or, if you're lazy like me, then go buy one.  Seriously. I love it that much. Totally worth it.

Easy. Pretty. Fast. (If I was describing a girl, that would be a really bad combo; but if it's a organizational tool, it's really, really good.) Go getcha self one!!


Zoanna said...

That looks great! If I hadn't just bought a jewelry box with 24 compartments for earrings, I would totally make one of these. I like that you can see what you have a glance. Quicko pronto! ARe you on Pinterest?

Jessi said...

I love too, Zoanna, that I can see all of what I have at a glance! And yes...I LOOOVE Pinterest... :)