Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - 3

I read a quote last night that made me think...
"Time and health are taken for granted until they are depleted."  ~Denis Waitley

My thankful thing for today is health.  Mine, my husband's, my children, and my extended family and friends.  The more I know of the world and the people in it, the more I realize how very blessed I have been in the lack of 'real' struggles that we have had.  Don't get me wrong...sure, we have battled the seasonal sicknesses that have gone around, and some years worse than others; we deal with Bryce's migraines, and allergies, back aches and fact, mys sister is laid out flat right now with a pretty major back issue.  So yeah...we aren't always pain free.  But we will deal with/recover from those things.

The kind of sicknesses I'm thinking of is the kinds that keep children in hospitals repeatedly and for extended stays.  The kind that takes a parent at a far too young age.  The kind that leaves enormous financial burdens.  The kinds that leave parents exhausted from fighting, praying, hoping...and sometimes just hanging on.  There's a difference between battling the flu and battling cancer.

Today I want to very specifically thank my Heavenly Father for the amazing blessings that I take for granted all too strong healthy children who can run and play and be crazy...instead of yelling "WHY must you always be SO WILD?"  To happily find them another snack to feed their growing appetites, wash another pair of muddied jeans, pick them up for an extra rehearsal of some kind, to close a yet-again left open door as they run out to play with friends.  What seem like inconveniences to me, I will stop and realize that some mom, somewhere, would happily trade with me for the benefit of a vibrant child, full of life.

The thoughts of all of that leave me with few words.  Except, thank you, thank you God that we are, overall, a healthy bunch.  I realize this is no small thing.

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