Saturday, July 23, 2011

the Who and the Do

I've been listening to a series of sermons by Greg Boyd (Woodland Hills Church) on "The Will of God".  Part of his emphasis is that God is much more concerned about Who we are and not primarily what we Do.  In one of the messages he shared this Dr. Seuss style poem he wrote about that very thing, which I just loved and though I'd share with you...

The Who and the Do of Miss Betty Lou

"How do you do?"
Asked the Lord of Betty Lou
"Not all that well,"
Betty sighed with a boo-hoo.
"For I know you are a Lord
Who pays heed to what I do,
Yet I always let you down
When I sin, it's nothing new."
Said the Lord to Betty Lou,
"I have a word for you,
My love for you, my child
Is not based on what you do.
It's the WHO and not the DO
That I adore in Betty Lou.
And when your WHO
Believes it's true
Then my will shall Miss Lou DO."

Clever...but profound.  Let it sink in...mkay?  ;)

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Zoanna said...

I like that! It's almost worth memorizing;)