Wednesday, May 25, 2011

technical difficulties...(grrrrr, Blogger!)

After a few very frustrating days of not being able to log in to my Blogger account to get back to you, my lovely bloggy friends, I finally (in all my technological savvy - er, uh...also called "Googling the problem") fixed the issue and am back in action!!  Whew! 

Also, I wanted to make sure to mention, that for any of you who happen to be new here and came via a link to my little step stool makeover, that I did just go back and add an 'EDIT' to that post...I've had some major issues (called, paint doesn't cling to rubber), so please be advised.  If anyone commented to tell me that you were going to try the project yourself, I tried to respond by email to give you a heads up.  If there's anyone that I inadvertently lead astray, I'm so very sorry.  I'm going to be trying a 'fix' for the problem with some scrap paper and mod podge, but it just hasn't hit the top of the priority list yet, but I'll keep you posted on that one.

And, in case you didn't notice (and for those of you who read via a feeder or email) I added some 'pages' at the top of my page.  There's an 'About Me', 'Why "Crocuses in March"?', and 'Links' page, and I plan to add a few more soon...

Now...with all those technical details taken care of, hopefully we can get back to the regularly scheduled blogging!!  Thanks for bearing with me!

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