Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy...

Julie, a sweet and funny friend that I made online through a mutual contact, but met in person (and who, coincidentally, I happen to share an aunt with!), has a fun blog that I greatly enjoy following, and she has graciously nominated me for an award...
I don't get a fancy dress, or a red carpet appearance, or a hideous gold statue or anything for this honor, but I do get to pass the award on to 5 other bloggers, IF I play along.  First I must tell you 7 random facts about myself.  Since I have several followers who probably know everything there is to know about me already, I will try to be creative (but it will still probably be nothing new for ya'll, so...sorry), and for my new friends,'ll all be new to you anyway!  So here goes...

1. I am a projects person, but I hate to do 'maintaining' type stuff.  You know, like the stuff that you do over and over, but never feel like you really accomplish anything.  Like routine cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.  (I have friends that love these things, but for the life of me, I just can't fathom it.)  Okay, I guess it actually makes others feel like they're accomplishing things, but to me...if I can't see a dramatic result from what I've done, I don't really feel like I've done anything at all.  This character trait doesn't always mesh very well with a husband who prefers everything perfectly maintained.  He's come to the conclusion that sometimes I let the cleaning go simply because I want it to become a project so that I get more excited about doing it.  I have to admit...I think there's probably some truth to that.  Or a lot of truth.  Whatever.

2.  I'm not a big 'kid' person.  People tend to think that, since I have 4 of my own, I must be a kid-person.  You know, the kind that loves to do stuff with kids all the time - teach Sunday school, babysit, throw great kids' parties with lots of fun games....nope.  Not me.  I feel awkward with children that aren't mine or that I don't know well.   Just the thought of what we call 'friend birthday parties, (meaning, more than just relatives - but like, where they can invite friends over) makes me twitch.  Literally.  I don't do well.  And then I think I scare the children.  It's not cool.  I have never been the 'team mom' for the boys' baseball teams.  I doubt I ever will.

3.  As much as I feel intimidated by children, I don't think I'd feel weird meeting a celebrity.  I don't really get 'star-struck' and I to tend to think people are just people.  If I ever actually meet anyone really famous, I'll let you know if this holds true.

4.  3 things that I love a lot, are mobsters (as in, Italian gangster types), baseball and the 1940's.  All three of those things, make me nearly giddy, especially if combined.  I don't really know what the deep, hidden meaning behind that is, and I don't think I really want to.

5.  Someday I would like to write a book.

6.  I despise being cold, and I love warmth.  I would rather a sweltering summer day than a frigid winter one any time!

7.  I anxiously await the day that I don't have to drive a mini van.  I am sick to death of mini vans.  In the meantime, since it's the only vehicle that will transport my whole family, I seriously wish we could get one that didn't have both sides dented in (my fault), the ceiling hanging down (not my fault), a dashboard that actually worked and less than, oh, say 100,000 miles.  Hate mini vans.  (Sorry for the little rant...)

Okay, so here's my nominations for this prestigious award: 

And the award goes to....

Angela (who's already been nominated, but I so adore her blog, I'm seconding the nomination) at 365 Days to Simplicity
Holly at Holly's Hobbies
Zoanna at Penchant for Pens
Betsy at More Than Mom
Bri at Pleasant Places


Laura said...

wait... so you are telling me you DON'T like to clean and grocery shop?? Who wouldn't thunk!?

Angela said...

I named you for this award, you just killed two birds with one stone!!

Zoanna said...

Why, thank you for the nomination! And I was nodding in agreement about every single thing (except I'm not a baseball fan). I am in project cleaning mode--what most people would call normal, I suppose! I would rather plan a kids' party than actually be there for it. Love the 40s, and am not star-struck. Let me think about what I'd write that I haven't already divulged. Probably very little:(