Monday, April 4, 2011

thankful for where I'm planted

This afternoon was deliciously warm and sunny.  The boys came home from school and quickly did their homework so they could go out and play baseball with neighborhood friends.  When it was time for dinner, I wasn't quite sure where they were playing, so I just went out on the porch and yelled "Boys!!" and one of them came running from behind the neighbors' house to ask if they could have "just one more pitch" before packing up their stuff and heading in.  I surely couldn't deny them 'just one more' on such a perfect spring day, so I granted the request and headed back in to get the roast and potato dinner on the table in the meantime.  It was just one of those scenes that, as it played out, made me think..."I love my life."  Though the morning had felt quite the opposite, this afternoon and evening has felt like a pleasant scene from "Leave It to Beaver".  Which is nice because most of the time, I feel like we're more like some odd re-make of  "The Three Stooges" or something!!

In any case, despite my laments about our ever-shrinking little rancher, I do love where we live, and though it's smaller than many homes, I'm very grateful to have a safe little neighborhood that my kids can be out and about playing, have beautiful trees just beginning to bud in a nice-sized yard, and a driveway that's just perfect for roller skating and sidewalk chalk portraits.  It helps to be thankful for the 'little' things in life. 

So, what are you thankful for about where God has planted you for this season of life?

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