Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Weekend - She Got Me Singin'

Since I always post a Happy Weekend video on Saturdays, I thought I'd share this new fav around the Clemmer house.  This is our friend Dustin, and he's working his way to makin' it big in the music biz right now.  He's a seriously awesome guy, and we are big fans.  (Though, my family is all kicking ourselves...or wanting to kick me, anyway) that we didn't make it to the park (2 minutes from our house) to get in on the video shoot fun.  (I think I'll be apologizing for that one for a while...)  Poor planning on Mom's part.  :(

Anway, enjoy, and HAPPY WEEKEND!!  (It's finally sunny and almost warm here today...maybe spring is actually trying to come after all!)

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Julie said...

What a fun song!!!