Tuesday, April 5, 2011

project simplify - season finale :)

Alas, it is the final week of "Project Simplify".  I must say, those five weeks went by ridiculously fast!!  And, in case you missed last week's, because I didn't post since I was away, the hotspot was fridge/pantry.  My fridge is basically bare, because I still haven't gone grocery shopping since we got back.  But this week's hotspot is...a 'choose your own adventure'.  Yep, Simple Mom is letting it up to everyone to choose their final hotspot.  I have 2 places in my house that are still currently driving me nuts...the laundry/storage room and the family room.  The laundry/storage room currently still has small rivers of water running through it, as we do every spring when there's lots of rain, so that one is just gonna have to wait.  So, it looks like the family room will be my project of choice for this week.  I think part of what that will involve is furniture moving...which I love doing, but drives Todd nuts because he's afraid I'm gonna hurt myself.  Which is probably because about half the time, I do.  But hey...that other half of the time usually goes just great!!

Anyhoo...the layout of our basement family room (steps coming down the center of it, and a large pole also in the middle) makes it a bit challenging to make furniture work well.  That and the fact that it's spring, which means I will have baseball stuff strewn about everywhere right inside the door for the next several months!    So, I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing to find something that is practical (to appease the boys) and asthetically pleasing (to make me feel better!).  I'm thinking that I need a bench seat.  And some hooks.  And to unload some more toys.  And books.  Yeah, there are waaaaay too many books down there.  Books that no one reads, but the residual homeschooler in me has just been unable to make myself get rid of!  We'll see how it goes and I'll keep ya posted.

How 'bout you?  Have you done any of the 'Project Simplify' challenges?  Is spring inspiring you to do any major (or minor!) changes around your house?  Do tell, do tell!!

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Kristine said...

I did the first week... the bedroom closet... and I was very proud of myself :)
Although I never did post pictures :(