Friday, April 1, 2011

swingin' into spring (or, at least trying to!)

I sort of disappeared off the radar there for a bit, because after finally finishing all my conference prepping last week, we actually attended the conference this week.  Good stuff. 

Anyhoo, I'm back home now, and hoping to really swing into spring (if the durn weather would ever cooperate!!) in the next couple of weeks.  I'm thinking REAL spring cleaning in, washing curtains and walls, steaming the carpets and plenty of outdoor sprucing!!  And, I've got a few DIY's churning in this little brain o' mine.  So stay tuned!!  (And I'll be jumping back on board to finish out Project Simplify too!)

In the meantime, and speaking of swinging into spring...Phillies home opener today!  And it's on free TV (the only kind I have)!  So...woo hoo!  I'm a happy girl.  And my hubbers happens to be home today (conference debriefing day), so maybe we'll get to catch some of the game together.  (Though, in all likelihood, we'll both fall asleep somewhere mid-game, because it's been a crazy, tiring week!)  :)  In any case, we all wore our Phillies gear today in celebration....Go Phils!!!

(And no, no April Fools jokes here today...unless you count the snow that was falling here this morning!!  Blech!)

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