Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter fun

As I write this post, the boys (and by 'boys' I mean the 3 little ones and the big one!) are all out sledding. It's 7:35 p.m. As in... dark outside. And for two of them, it's the second time today. When the older kids arrived home from school today, they all asked if they could hit the hill for a little while before starting homework. They promised they'd get it done quickly when they came in. I always think physical play is good for them, so I said yes. Kids, in my opinion, do enough sitting in a day, and need all they exercise and energy-release they can get!

I really appreciate how 'into it' Todd gets with them. We only have a small hill, and the snows we've had have been minimal, so they've put a lot of work into keeping it 'sled-able'. One day they actually carted the snow that was left from other parts of the yard to re-cover it. Todd goes out at night and sprays it down with the hose so it will ice over. Tonight he hooked up lights out there so they could see. (Did I mention that this is a fairly little hill just between our house and our neighbor's?) But they love it. And it's free, outdoor fun!

One final thought, that actually is what prompted this post. I just have to say how much I love snow pants. And winter boots. Growing up, I didn't have these things. We used to pile layer upon layer of pants....first tights, then long johns, then sweat pants, then jeans that were sizes too big. And (while some years I did have snow boots) there were a few years that we wore our sneakers with plastic bags over them. Yep...we looked like complete dorks. But dorks with dry feet. However, it took us FOR.EV.ER. to get ready to go play in the snow. Many times, I didn't bother going out because it wasn't worth all the effort it took to get ready. (And as I think back on 3 of us going through this process, I think "My poor mother!!") My kids, with their snow overalls and boots can be ready and out the door in 5 minutes or less. When they come in, their stuff gets hung by the fire or tossed in the dryer and all ready to go again when they're set to hit the 'slope' again a few hours later. I know this is ridiculous, and to most people, probably a 'given.' But thanks to my memories of winter layering, I just really appreciate this 'little thing' in life!

I know one family that will be happy to see a few more inches of the white stuff this week!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Holly said...

I gotta tell ya - my kids layer. In the South (until last year and this year) we didn't really get enough snow to make it worth purchasing snow suits. We of course have winter coats, but the snow pants and all that just was too expensive, especially since the kids grow so fast at this young age and cannot wear them more than one winter. I do get the snow boots each year at the consignment sales I go to, so they have the right footwear!

But if the last 2 winters are any indication, next year it might be worth the money to get snow suits/pants!!!

Dana @ CookingAtCafeD said...

Snow pants - I'm with ya! Gosh how I *wish* we had them when I was a kid. We would do the layer think - which made me look like the younger brother in A Christmas Story - and I would be tired before even getting outside. :)

Thanks for the laugh!
Oh, and I love that the big guy goes out to hose down the Matterhorn each night for the boys!