Friday, November 19, 2010


Honestly, I can't remember if I already posted about this or not. If I did...well, then just chalk it up to me being crazy and play along. Okay?

A while back I borrowed my sister's 'Shark' floor cleaner and fell in love with it. much as one can love a cleaning device anyway. I can't remember if I talked about it here on the blog or just on Facebook, but I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the floor steam cleaner. It's basically a mop that steam-cleans hard floor surfaces. See, I am a mop-hater. I feel like mops just push the dirt around on the floor but don't actually clean it. So, when I do my floors, I would actually get on my hands and knees with a sponge and scrub and there was a lot of hassle with changing out dirty water buckets, etc. I HATED floors, but just refused to waste my time with mopping. Well...the steam cleaner solved the problem. No dipping a mop back into filthy water to splash some different dirt back onto the floor. This little baby has changeable pads, so as one gets dirty you can switch it out (and they're cloth, so just toss it in the wash), and you're getting pure steam to clean with, which also DISINFECTS the surface. I LOVE that!! I had used it on my tile in my bathroom (which can get pretty yucky because of all the hairspray getting sprayed all over in there by my daughter and myself) and it worked like a dream. Changed the pads and went on to do the kitchen linoleum and the diningroom hardwood. Beautiful. Downstairs to the Pergo in the family room - awesome. And because the steam is doing all the cleaning and sanitizing, there's no need for a chemical cleaning product at all! (Only downside - no fresh scent). Yet I still don't have one of these dream-machines because the sad fact is, $120 for a mop just isn't in the budget right now. Not a priority. Sorry Sharky-boy.

BUT, I have found a nice, close-second that I can make do with. For only $20 I got an O'Cedar ProMist mop instead. This mop also has changeable/washable cloth pads, (unlike Swiffer ones where they are disposable, and keeps you coming back to buy more), and a reservoir that holds the water and cleaner, or if you prefer, they also recommend that water and vinegar works well too. (This is also an advantage I saw over the Swiffer Wet Jet - that one you had to keep buying their cleaning solution to use in their mop.) I prefer a fresh scent, so I'm sticking with my Febreze/Mr. Clean stuff for now. It's got a 'trigger' action that sprays the solution on the floor in front of you in a nice, fine mist and the mop just grabs up that dirt. When the mop part gets dirty I just switch it out and keep going. (Well, currently I have to take a break because I have to wash the pad and put it back on because I haven't bought extras yet...but soon I will just switch-and-go!). The mop also has slots that you can, if you want, use the disposable pads from Swiffer or whatever brand you like and also use it as a dry mop. So it's versatile as well! For twenty bucks, I'm pretty pleased! Oh, and it's super-light and easy to store for quick clean-ups too!

So, yeah...not a very thrilling post for heading into a weekend...all this 'mop-talk'...but hey, it's the little things that keep me happy! :)

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Holly said...

I have one of those Shark cleaners! I love it! Since my WHOLE downstairs is hardwoods and tile (except the master bedroom) it's totally been worth it! I'm with you, I do so love the small things in life!