Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blade cleaning trick

Speaking of cleaning ceiling fan blades, I thought I'd quick pass on a handy little trick I learned from another blogger. Now, maybe you have a fancy, long-handled fan blade cleaner, but I have a fancy, climb-up-on-a-chair-and-try-not-to-swing-the-blade-around-into-your-head type system, so this was a pretty valuable little gem for me. She suggested, in order to avoid that dust and dirt all falling to the surface below when you wipe the blade, to use an old pillow case to dust it. You slide the whole case over the blade and swipe both sides at once and the little pile of build-up falls neatly into the enclosed case. You can do all the blades and then take the pillow case outside for a good shake to empty it all out.

I tried this a while back and it worked great! So I set aside that specific pillow case just to be my fan-cleaning case. You think I could find that when I went to clean those blades? Nope. So I tried the same technique using a t-shirt and holding the arms and neck holes closed. Not so spectacular. I suggest sticking with the pillow case. :)


Zoanna said...

Brilliant tip! Thanks.

Briana Almengor said...

That is excellent. We always have dirty fan blades and hate how tedious they are to clean.