Wednesday, July 28, 2010

seeing the good

There's a lot wrong in America these days. But I just want to say, there's also a lot of good - or potential good. We just need to have eyes to see and appreciate it.

Today Bryce has a friend over, and they are jamming out in the basement to some original songs they wrote and are singing themselves. (Their band is called "Planet 10") The lyrics say something about "We are America" - and "freedom" and "fireworks for all to see" and "dancing to the music". This is their innocent perception of the land in which they live.

My other 2 boys are across the street, playing with neighbor friends. They play all kinds of stuff together...yesterday they had a homerun derby. They play 'fort' under a huge pine tree. They ride bikes. They don't live in fear.

These are the things that should come to mind and bring us hope when we think of America. Our children are another generation brimming with potential. They see the good; they enjoy life. We adults can take a lesson, and rather than just lament and bemoan the bad, let's open our eyes to see and appreciate the good. And move forward with hope to make changes where we can. All the moreso as Christians- we actually have a real and lasting Hope to offer...hope of true peace through Jesus. Not a false or fleeting hope like the world, through money, fame, politics or entertainment tries to hold out. We can train up a future generation to lead in a truly positive direction. Rather than jade them, let's encourage them to dream God size dreams and to cultivate good in the world.

As we sat watching fireworks after a baseball game last weekend I actually thought about what a blessing it was that my children could hear explosions like this and not be fearful. Many children in many countries cannot say the same. Blasts of sound like that, to many people, is the terror of bombs and violence. To my children, it's the sound of excitement and summer and fun. This, my friends, is an unimaginable blessing, and not one we often think of. We have thousands more just like it. Countless others around the world do not. Today, I'm choosing to be thankful, and to lift up in prayer those who are less fortunate than I, asking God to be with them, deliver them and comfort them.


Holly said...

AMEN Jess! And thanks for the reminder!

Aunt Linda said...

I've often commented to Uncle Glenn how there are countries with many generations that have grown up with war all around them, day in and day out. I pray that God continues to bless America!