Monday, July 26, 2010

how does your garden grow?

This is how my first real attempt at a garden is coming along. Quite exciting for an inexperienced, non-green-thumber like myself!!

It looks all over-grown in this pic, because I had no idea how huge my tomato plants would get, so they're all a little too close together... But they're growing great!
My cherry tomatoes just starting to ripen...I get a handful or so every day now!My regular sized tomatoes are all there, but just haven't turned that lovely ripe-red yet. I can't wait!!The harvest from this weekend:This little tractor was given to my kids by my dad, and they all rode it in turn, but now none of them fits on it. When I suggested getting rid of it, there was an outcry against the idea. Bryce asked if we could, instead, park it by the garden and put a potted plant on it (to remember Pappy, he said). A great idea! Unfortunately, too many days in a row of being busy and the watering of the pot got a little neglected. I'm in the process of trying to nurse it back.This is one of my flower bed, with mostly everything a return-from-last-year. I did have some lovely little blue lobelias as edging too, but for whatever reason, they died off one little clump at a time. :( It's looking a little dry right now, the fountain is broken as of the moment, and I now have 2 beds that we just pulled a nasty bunch of ivy out of that are sitting empty waiting for me to do something with. It's a process getting things done around here. Maybe by next spring everything will be filled and luscious...Some close ups of a few of my lovelies from all around here:

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Holly said...

They are all so lovely! My garden doesn't grow. I cannot grow anything! I would like to, and I like the idea of it, but never happens!!!