Friday, July 23, 2010

testosterone take-over

With Kate gone off to Peru for 2 weeks, I am more outnumbered than usual by the males here, and the testosterone seems to be flowing like a tidal wave. Usually all things 'male' are somewhat tempered by my 'girly-girl' who has no interest in sports or rough-housing. We normally have to find a compromise in movies or play so that everyone can find a niche to be included. Well, apparently all bets are off with big sis gone and Mom being a helpless captive! 'Boy' playtime has been taking over in full force. First thing this morning, I heard one say to the other, "Get your shoes on so we can go outside and do tricks. Let's show our stuff!" Wow, it just starts so young.

Then, this scenario happened:

Seth appears to me in the living room decked out in his Home Depot apron, complete with walkie-talkie hanging from it.

Seth: "Mom, can you please come shopping at our Home Depot?"
(Yesterday when we cleaned out the toy boxes, we found all of their play tools, etc. They were pretty excited for the reappearance of long-'lost', in the bottom of the toybox that is, toys.)

Me: "Really, Seth? Now?"
(Me being lazy because I'm in the middle of something very important,, Oh, the shame.)

Seth: "Yes! Pleeeeease!?! We haven't had any customers all day and we're all set up, and it's almost night! We'll even give you money to shop with!"
(They have most of the lights off in the family room. It's actually about 11:30 a.m. But how can I possibly resist shopping when the STORE is giving ME the money?!)

Me: "Okay. I'm coming."

He darts down the steps and I hear a little voice from downstiars say "What did she say?!?" He responds excitedly, "She's coming! She's coming! Get to your places!" I muster up my best pretending on the way to the 'Home Depot'.

Before actually beginning my,shopping I have to help extract a finger that is wedged into a toolbox handle. Long story.

Anyway, I tell them I'm working on building a treehouse, and ask them to help me gather the tools I'll need. They are quite informed on such things, and directed me very efficiently to all the required tools. Then, I guess because they thought I was cute, ;) they threw in FREE safety goggles!!! Those handsome HD men are so nice!

I paid for my purchases, and they bagged them for me, and EVEN offered to carry them out of the 'store' for me. Since one of them was running the 'Customer Service Desk', I had to be sure to stop by there and make a return. He asked me the reason for the return, wrote up a slip and everything.

As soon as I left, they reappeared upstairs to inform me that I had to make a return trip to the store because there were more tools I'd be needing for my project.

Repeat entire scenario.

By the end of that shopping spree, one of the 'workers' decided they should all hunker down for a while and watch the Mighty Ducks (for, like, the umpteenth million time). (An awful lot of sports and spy movies get watched in this house; it's times like these that I am particularly grateful that at least I have one daughter, who loves to watch chick flicks and girly shows, like Gidget, with me!!) Since they've been playing together nicely all morning, I agree to the movie, and think I'll take advantage of the chunk of time to put on some relaxing instrumental music and do some dusting and other general puttering around.

When I okay the plan there is a sudden shouting over the store 'intercom': "We're shutting down! We're shutting down!! Everybody out of the store!"
(Why this was done in such an intense, military style I'm not entirely sure, other than...yep, you guessed it....they're boys.)

Feigned 'complaining' aside, I sure do love having boys, and I love relaxed summer days of getting to just enjoy them enjoying themselves. Ahhhh....summer. :)


Bets said...

LOVE IT! I could totally picture the whole thing playing out!

Briana Almengor said...

that's so funny b/c my kids are playing "store" here, too, the last two days. They put their sticky up that says, "Store Open" when they wake up in the a.m. and "store closed" when they go down for rest time or at night. I've been tempted to take pictures of their set up, too. Maybe I will now that you posted your little interchange. I hate make believe play, though, too. When they ask me to pretend with them I always tell them, "That's why God gave you siblings." :) You're such a good momma.