Thursday, June 10, 2010

help me out here!!

Hey folks, I'm looking for some feedback here. My women's group that meets weekly is sort of stalled, and we're looking for something fun and fulfilling to do. It could be videos, a book/study, or just some fun activities that you've participated in in a group like this. (Not necessarily 'projects' though, like scrapbooking and such...we're looking for something more along the lines of encouraging and that can be done with a plethora of small children running around our ankles!!) We're a small group right now, but would love to have others join us, so it can be something focused or more broad. Pretty much anything! So, let me hear it...what has worked for you???


Julie said...

Is it a Christian group? Are you looking for a biblically based book to study? I have done Creative Counterpart and Sacred Marriage book discussion groups. They are both awesome books!

Jessi said...

It is a Christian group, though I was thinking it might be good here for the summer to see if any other moms (who might not be Christians) from the area might be interested in joining which case I would still want something Christian, but a little bit 'lighter' that would be more 'outreach' appropriate.

In the event we don't get any new people, I will check into those other books...I think I might actually have Creative that Linda Dillow?