Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what to talk about??

Hmmm...I have things to say, but am wrestling with what's too much to say, what's too little, what would be hypocritical, because I'm not 'there' yet, and what no one cares to hear about, so I was just thinking how the best thing to post would probably be nothing! Then, literally as I was typing and deleting and retyping and deleting, my friend Julie over at The Hopple Family, sent me a Facebook comment telling me she tagged me on her blog and that I should check it out. Soooo...that answers my question about what to post today!! Thanks Julie!!

I'm supposed to list 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. Oh, this is hard!! There's so many! Oh, goes!

hoodies, Oreo Double Stuffs, line-dried sheets, having my nails done, my backyard, baseball, scented candles, a good bargain, the smell of coffee, Starbucks, big porches, and really good movies.

Alone time with my hubby!!

people's drama, my dad being gone, driving at night, brussel sprouts, snakes, private issues being aired on Facebook, anything that hurts my kids, and feeling like I can never get ahead in certain areas.

Now I'm supposed to tag 3 others... Let's see, who should I tag? Most of the people that I actually know in person have stopped blogging, and the blogs I follow, I'm more like a silent stalker! LOL Well, I know Betsy still at least HAS blog, so I'll tag her at More than Mom, my cousin Holly at Holly's Hobbie and Zoanna at Penchant for Pens. What say ye, gals?


Holly said...

Oh fun!!! I'm gonna do it now!

Julie said...

I love big porches! And I also LOVE brussel sprouts! We are attempting them in our garden this year! Mmmmm! Yummy!