Tuesday, May 25, 2010

simple spruce up project

Here's a super-simple little project I did to spruce up my porch for the spring and summer. First I got an old chair from Freecycle,
and painted it red. I didn't really do much distressing because I knew that just letting it sit outside in the elements would take a toll quickly enough to make it look worn.

I printed the word "welcome" and did a pencil transfer to the back, and then painted over it by hand with a very fine brush.
Add some plants from the best greenhouse around and voila!
I'm linking up again...


zz said...

Oh, I love this, Jessi! I may copy it soon, ya never know. Got my spray paint and think of you whenever I use it!

Orange it Lovely said...

oh I LOVE this... darn I need to go to Goodwill for a chair!
Great job it looks great!

Andrea said...

That is just SO CUTE!!!! I've got the perfect chair to do this to!