Monday, May 24, 2010

mornings with maggie

I've taken a step back from my routine morning annoyance at our crazy yellow lab, Maggie, to think about the good parts of having her and all she adds to our family. (This will help me like her better today.) This dog is literally a Jekyll/Hide. She is very, very bad and super annoying every morning, but by nighttime I love to nuzzle and snuggle the dumb beast 'cause she's so completely loveable around 10 p.m. She spends most of the morning barking and tugging at my clothes...because she wants to eat, she wants to go out and because the kids are leaving. She literally stares out the window and barks at the boys at their bus stop (in a panicked, motherly sort of way) until the bus pulls up and she sees them get on. As soon as the bus is in sight she stops barking and presses her nose against the window (yeah, my front window is pretty messed up and until school ends, there's just no point in cleaning it) and fogs it up until the bus pulls away. THEN, she will finally lay down. For about 15 minutes; then she starts gathering, one by one, things she shouldn't have. This morning it was a Barbie, then the Barbie dress, a pencil, a hat, and a bunch of stuffing from a pillow she ripped apart. If you haven't seen Marley and Me, check out the trailer below - this will give you an idea what it's like to live with Maggie.

However, then there's all the 'other' when she and Luke curl up together,
or when we sit on the floor and she thinks that's her open invitation to be 'held' (she confuses "lab" with "lap" dog...),
or lets kids do practically anything to pull her lips, or pretend she's a horse (one time we had friends over and when their parents said it was time to go, one of the kids said "awww...that means we can't ride Maggie anymore...")
and naps with the kids when they don't feel good...
or thinks it's her job to make sure the boys are 'bathed'...
or times like Saturday night when we had built a fire in our fire pit on the patio and the kids and I all piled on the patio lounge chair and she had to be in the middle of it all, taking turns resting her head on each of us. She's really a very affectionate dog, who probably just needs better training. Labs have tons of potential, and that's why they are so often used as service dogs. Just wish I had a clue how to tap into all that!

So, even though she covers our house in hair right now, gets waaaaay to excited when people come over, practically knocks Luke down when she's happy to see him, can't be left out unchained or thinks it's time to play tag, and kind of stinks....we still love her. Like I tell Kate...if I would have it to do over, I'm still not convinced that I'd get a dog again...but I can't deny, I do love this crazy canine.


Julie said...

So glad you love your dog! What a sweet family member!
But, I'm ready to get rid of ours!!!

Aunt Linda said...

This reminded me...I HAVE the Marley & Me DVD & it's a GREAT movie! Since my only close experience with labs comes from Holly & David's dog, Jane, I can't speak from first hand experience. BUT when Jane was younger, sometimes when we were at the Winslow's, UG would take Jane out for a walk, and when he'd get back with her, she'd be like a new dog. Cesear Milan advocates LOTS of walks for labs to use up their energy so they don't keep getting in trouble. LOL

Jane is finally showing signs of age and she isn't nearly as rambunctious as she used to be! She's a good dog & is so good with Luke & Avery. When she was a mere 8-10 weeks old, she had not yet learned to bark, but her great big old Uncle Tux taught her pretty quickly!

I know Maggie's a pain sometimes, but it's obvious she loves the kids, and as she slowly grows out of her puppy/adolescent/teenage years, she'll become a hugely important part of your family!

I saw that the movie Marmaduke is coming out soon. That will mean a big run on people buying Great Danes and most of those people will have no idea what it takes to raise this "giant breed". I figure before too long there will be a lot of 1/2 grown Great Danes showing up in shelters across America. Maybe I'll get another one then...probably not as it's too hard to say goodbye to them at the end of their very short life span. It's also really hard to get a full grown Great Dane in a Corvette! :-) In the meantime, I found one that has been committed to an outdoor existance and her owner said I could stop by & love on Lady any time. *sigh* I DO miss Tux & Zoe.

The line in Marley & Me is right--dogs don't care if you have bad breath, if you stink from sweating, if you have lots of money or none at all, don't care what you're wearing...they love you totally unconditionally!!!

Enjoy...summer is just around the corner & the kids will be there to play with her! LOL

Love y'all!