Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas craftiness!!!

Well, ever since before Christmas I've been dying to show you some of the gifts that I was so excited about giving this year, because I made them myself! Of course, I couldn't show them ahead of time and spoil the surprise, and certainly they were given days ago, but I just didn't have the time to upload the pics until now. Keep in mind, my photography isn't the best - my apologies.

First, a chair to coordinate with Kate's black-and-white room. I found this chair at Goodwill ($6 - and I still think it was a bit overpriced, but I was getting desperate to find a chair I could re-do for her room) looking rather pathetic, what with it's plastic seat and all. A few coats of black paint, a new cushion and cover (made from material I found for $.50 at a different thrift store) and isn't she just lovely?

Also for Kate's room - a pic for her wall with a 3-D K. The frame was another Goodwill find, and I just took a solid piece of cardboard, covered it with white cross-stitching fabric, and then mod-podge glued on the turquoise paper, already cut in that swirly design (found in the scrapbooking set at Michael's). I think the total cost was about $3-4.
Okay, so I didn't make this one...but it was a thrifty find! I found the lamp and shade separately - and the shade was brand new still in the plastic - also at Goodwill. Doesn't it go perfectly with the chair?!?!
Some gifts for my sisters and friends. First a chalk and memo board for my sis with their last name at the top. And yes, I realize now the ribbons are crooked, so please don't bother telling me. I didn't realize before I took the pic, and was in the midst of flying around and didn't have time for any re-takes! Again, another thrift-store find that looked like this before....

and this after!
For my other sis, and a few friends, (and I'll admit, I kept one for myself) I took empty jar candles (that I'd burned throughout the year and saved once they were empty) and frosted them. I got a snowflake punch from Michael's and punched them out of painter's tape, which I stuck to the jar, then spray painted with Valspar's spray frosting. I found several of the plates at the thriftstore for $.50 and they went perfectly!!On my side the cousins exchange names, and 2 of my kiddos had 2 of my nieces. So we (me, with some help from Kate) made them each an apron out of a dishtowel and potholder....
and some felt food....

to go with their new play kitchen, made by their extremely talented parents!
This was the 'kitchen' before (when it was a bathroom vanity)
And while I'm showing off Betsy's amazing creativity, here's the coffee-table-turned-window-seat she made for her oldest for Christmas.
I know there's a few other projects that I missed photographing, like the red beaded necklace and bracelet I made for my mother in law, and also the very cool shelf and CD holder Bryce got (made by my sis and her daughter), but oh, well. I've bored you long enough. (Though, Bryce's thing is really cool, so sometime if I have a minute I still might take a shot or two of that...)

Now that Christmas is over, and I have most of the decorations away, I will admit that my mind is already racing with new projects to tackle. I've decided that projects are much more appealing to me than housework...I really don't get the same rush from a load of laundry or meal planning that I do from spray painting something or re-doing a room. Todd is cringing already, I'm sorry to say. However, we have worked out a deal for the new year in regards to 'funding' my projects and thrifting addiction. I've taken to trying to sell some things on craigslist, and I also will be doing some babysitting for the next few months. So, any money that I make is all 'extra' - as in, not accounted for in the budget - and can go into a little fund all my own so I can keep busying myself with my new addictions, er, um, I mean...hobbies!


zz said...

Wow. beautiful. My faves are the chair, the jar candles, and the felt food. What fun!

Briana Almengor said...

wow...those are all really beautiful. amazing talent in your family. My fav: the chair..well done! OH, and I, too, love that felt food. My kids would love much better than the plastic stuff (that I was just "eating" w/ bella)

Rose fr Fine Craft Guild said...

Well, what a crafty family. The coffee table turned window seat is MARVELOUS and inspirational!

Thank you for the post, as I lOVE feeling inspired. On that, I also love the title of your blog: it TOO was inspirational and told me I should buy some today as I love the happy surprises in Spring

So now,, let me invite you, as I JUST MANAGED to fix my mclinky on the "2010: 20 crafts in 10 days" - challenge on our blog. Want to join in? It's fun.

sister sheri said...

Just browsing around tonight... I rarely do... but I jumped here from "confessions of a tired supergirl"...

and I have to tell you I love the felt food! and how you repurpose things... and then there's that kitchen... wow!

Happy New Years!