Wednesday, January 6, 2010

more products I like

There are 2 new products in my life that I am simply loving and thought you might want to know about them. Actually, I assume you really don't care at all, but it's my blog, and so I'm gonna say it anyway. :oP Yep, that's a little face with the tongue sticking out...that's about how mature I'm feeling right now. ( re-reading that it sounded awfully self-centered, the very thing my Bible study was about this morning...maybe I'm subconsciously rebelling... Anyway...)

The first thing is a little item, and one I've mentioned before, but with a new twist. It's Maybelline's Great Lash mascara, but now with a bigger brush that makes longer-looking lashes. (Called Great Lash BIG) I'm telling you, and it's been confirmed by tons of very scientific studies (okay, by lots of beauty magazines) that this stuff is really great. Not exactly anything profound here, but this product is just really good.

Secondly, can I just say that I really do love my new Dyson vacuum cleaner?? I mean, I'm not making too big of a deal about dear hubby purchased it and he is even more in love with it than I am....and frankly, it does still represent work to me....but I gotta say, it sure is making my work a lot easier and gives a much better result than my previous vacuum. Aside from the great suction this little machine has, the extension and attachments are wonderful. I can actually reach into the far corners of my ceiling where those nasty cobwebs seem to appear overnight. And I'm able to do my drapes, as well as my steps and the crevices along the hallway wall (all my 'problem' areas). AND it works on hard floor surfaces as well, so I can do my whole house with one handy machine. I did not get the famous Dyson 'ball' model, mainly because it was an extra $120 for the ball, and less canister capactity. I figured, I've made it this far in life without a 'swiveling' sweeper, and it's not like I've got tons of corners in my house to maneuver around or anything, so I'd rather have more canister capacity. Now, like I said, this isn't a product that brings me a lot of joy in life, per se, but it sure is nice! If you're looking to replace an old vacuum cleaner, I'd defiintely recommend Dyson!

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