Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Giveaway #1

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st everyone!! I know I said I would post my giveaway yesterday, but til I was ready to sit down and do the post last night, my computer tech was tweaking the system (**read - Todd was messin' with the laptop**). So, sorry, a little late, but none-the-less, I hope you will like what I'm giving away as much as I do! :)

As I mentioned, I've been gettin' all crafty lately, and that combined with my new love for thrift shopping has yielded some fun new Christmas decorations. One of them is included in today's little 'prize pack'.

A few weeks back when I was at Liberty Thrift Store, I saw some adorable little red plates. I immediately knew this would be my opportunity to do something fun with the new chalkboard paint I'd been dying to try out. And at $.75 per plate, I couldn't refuse.

The result? This little cutie that has been fueling Christmas anticipation around here for weeks now. It was the only Christmas decoration I've allowed out so far (the rest are coming out tonight I think...) and the kids have been faithfully updating the countdown daily.
As you can see by that number, we started pretty early. But here is today's giveaway, which will hopefully give you a cozy-warm start to the Christmas season:

A little countdown plate of your own, some snowman note cards, a snowman magnetic list pad and some yummy Candy Cane Lane tea, by Celestial Seasonings. And yes, the number on that plate is correct...you are down to 24 shopping days, my friends!!!!

To win today's prizes, just leave a comment telling me one (or more if you like!) thing that you are most looking forward to about Christmas. I will be closing the drawing rather quickly...you have until Thursday night at 8 p.m., Eastern Time. (The reason so quick...because I will be working all weekend at the beautiful poinsettia show at Glick's Greenhouse and I want to get in mailed out first thing Friday morning to you, before I am lost in the Christmas Castle!! Watch for my post about this year's show tomorrow!)

And the thing I'm most looking forward to? All of it! The music, the lights, the Christmas specials on TV, the quiet reflection of the season, and even the hubbub of the poinsettia show. But I guess most of all is seeing my childrens' responses to their gifts...the excitement on their faces, and also the true appreciation they express. Priceless.



Laura said...

I'm most looking forward to a Christmas baby! Well, hopefully the baby will be here a bit later than Christmas, but you get the idea.

Roger said...

Baking cookies with the kids is always fun, but sleeping around the christmas tree is probably one of my favorite traditions.
And of course the Poinsettia Show at Glicks, although its probably more the friends than the flowers.

Roger said...

Thats my comment not Roger's,

Anonymous said...

The thing I most look forward to is sex by the lights of the Christmas Tree! LOL

Jessi said...

Um, Anonymous...I hate to tell you this, but in order to be entered for the drawing, you will need to leave me a name, so that I know who you are! (How worth it is it to ya??) ;)

If you want to enter but don't want to 'own up' to your tradition, you can just repost another comment.

ikkinlala said...

I'm looking forward to playing Scrabble with my aunt - it's not a regular Christmas tradition, but since she's visiting this year I'll have a chance to.

Holly said...

I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve and all the good food and Christmas movies and fun and family, and then after everyone goes to bed - putting out the gifts!!! Oh JOY! And then David and I ususally sit and snuggle on the sofa and rememeber all the wonderful Gifts from the Lord over the past year!!!!!

P.S - I'd really like to win, but I hope Anonymous owns up to their tradition - they whoever it is should win! :-)

Aunt Linda said...

Ohhh...I love the idea of sleeping around the Christmas tree! I guess it's a bit late for us now, but maybe my kids will pick this one up at some point in time.

Christmas is & has always been my favorite time of year! I remember, as a small child, my mother crying because she couldn't do all she "wanted" to & felt like we were somehow being cheated. But I remember thinking "wow, this was the best Christmas ever!"...and I wondered what Grandma was so upset over, ya know?! Anyway, the best thing about Christmas is FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!!! I am so thankful that the Lord blessed us with 2 beautiful daughters and is continuing to bless us as our family tree sprouts more branches. My 2 grandbabies are my most precious gifts!

One thing that stands out in my mind was one Christmas eve--this was long before we moved away from PA--and all the family was coming to our house for a Christmas Eve family time. I was in the kitchen getting things ready & I heard singing, of all things!! I opened the door to the breezeway, and there stood my parents, my siblings & their spouses, and their children and they were singing Christmas carols to us!!! It makes me cry even now, to think of it. Precious memories, for sure.

Briana Almengor said...

Can I have the plate instead? :)
That is so cute. What a find! I bought a cheapy advent calendar (actually found a nativity scene one) at Hallmark this year to count down. I'm so not crafty, so Hallmark it is. :)
Would love the tea/notepad as a treat, though. Count me in on your contest...and I submitted just in the nick of time. :)

Briana Almengor said...

sorry, just now read others' comments and realized I didn't enter by the 'rules'. Hello, anonymous...I'm thinking if that was my tradition, I would remain anonymous, too. TMI. I actually have friends who sleep under their Christmas tree the night they get it decorated....not sure if anything else happens under that tree, but really , I don't want to know. :)

My favorite tradition is getting the Christmas tree and decorating it. It's a lot of work, but I absolutely love it.

That, and we have taken the kids to see a Live Nativity the last several years that is so wonderfully done, complete w/ a program. It's cold, but worth it...the closest thing we can get to experiencing the real Nativity.

Merry Christmas all.

Jessi said...

Actually, Bri, the plate is included in the prize!! It includes the plate, the tea, the notepad AND note cards - all one prize!

And as far as anonymous...it made me chuckle, and as I pondered who it might be, I came to this conclusion...it must be someone with no children, or at least very young ones! LOL We sleep under our tree too, but with the whole family, and watch a Christmas movie, but that's all... Maybe someday... ;)