Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, part 2

Well, Thanksgiving is over, our bellies are probably STILL full, and today we get back to the grind. All of my kids started back to school today, though I know some districts are still off. I can't complain...the boys did have off all week last week, but I think I would have preferred them to go the beginning of last week and have off today to 'recover' a bit from all the weekends' hustle and bustle. Oh well...funny thing, the district didn't ask my opinion! Kate's back-at-it today too (but she's getting out of a day at the end of the week, as I'm letting her off school to work at my sister and brother-in-laws poinsettia show - an annual tradition).

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and not only was the food DEEEE-licious, the setting was amazing too. My sister had her creative juices flowing and her home was totally decked out for Turkey Day. (Of course, none of my pics turned out very well...) There was lots of games, laughter and fun. And while I'm not a big 'Black Friday' shopper, I did pick up a few gifts and had an amazing mini-getaway with my hubby, we had another dinner with Todd's extended family (aunts, uncles cousins, etc., totally - to my estimation - between 50 and 60 people, and someone said that there were about 25 who couldn't make it....that's a BIG family!) and now I'm ready to move on to Christmas! I'm thinking today will be a little low-key here as my little guy isn't feeling great, so I think I'll get out some decorations and do my cards (yeah, didn't get them done earlier as I thought I might...but it's still not December 1st yet!!). Sip some hot chocolate, and maybe watch Miracle on 34th Street. And in a little bit (once I get the stuff together for a picture) I'll also be posting my "Countdown to Christmas" drawing later on today!!

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