Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas in a Castle

As you may remember, if you know me in 'real life' or have been reading my blog since last year, that my sister and brother-in-law run a greenhouse, and every year they host an enormous poinsettia show. This year the theme is "Christmas in a Castle", and I can assure you that it will be spectacular. I've gotten some 'behind the scenes' glimpses, as well as getting to help ready some of it, and I stand utterly amazed at the creativity that has been poured into this year's displays. If you are local and have a chance to stop in and take a tour at Glick's Greenhouse in Oley, I am quite sure you will not be disappointed! I wish I had taken more pictures when I was up there the other day, but I forgot to take my camera (I was supposed to be there to work anyway), so here are just a few glimpses of things in the early stages (thanks to Beth Glick, and Glick's FB page and website for the pics I stole!):

The 'royal' invitation....
The drawbridge is down,
the gates flung open wide,
a Christmas Celebration
awaits you inside!
10,000 poinsettias, a wreath display,
There’s even a drawing for prizeson the way.

Gather into the great hall for music by the band -
Perhaps you’ll hear strains from a Celtic land.

You ask how much food and drink are worth?
You’ll find them completely free at our hearth.
So celebrate with us in a castle of stone,
As we look to the King upon His throne.

Entering the show...through a drawbridge, of course!!The early stages of the Great Hall...undecorated yet, but will be grand once it's done!
And these 'family portraits' (of the greenhouse family) will line the walls:
A big seller (I think 'cuz they make such great little gifts) - the 'mini wells':
And the zillions and zillions of poinsettias!!! You can get them in almost any color imaginable, because they grow such a variety - from traditional red, burgundy, spotted ones and orange spice - and if you can't find one of those to suit your fancy, they actually do take white ones and 'paint' them if you like! Last year I saw many blue and purple poinsettias being purchased. And if you really like glitz, you can even get them dusted with glitter!! It's really rather cool.
If all that wasn't enough to entice you, there's also live music and free food and drink!! This is an event you seriously won't want to miss!! And if you do come, stop by Register 4, where I will be 'planted' almost the entire weekend!!! See you there!!

FYI: The hours of the show are Friday 9-9, Saturday 9-5, and Monday 9-9. Please note: CLOSED Sunday!! You can click here to visit Glick's website for more info on the schedule, directions, varieties of poinsettias, etc.


Briana Almengor said...

I wish we could come. Is it always the first weekend in Dec? We have something w/ our church in the am. and a friend in the pm that are both annual events that weekend. It looks amazing! Take as many photos as you can. Have fun! Good to see you guys over Thanksgiving. See you Memorial day; twice in one year's lucky are we!!!

Aunt Linda said...

Sure wish we lived closer! I've been able to be there for only 1 of the shows and it was spectacular!

Jessi said...

Yes, it is always the first weekend in Dec. Such a bummer that's a bad weekend...there's always fun stuff for the kids included, and I'm sure you would just love it! I plan to get there a bit early tomorrow (plan being the key word) and hopefully take pics while everything is still full!!

Was great seeing you too! I'm sure May will be here before we know it!

Aunt Linda, you surely are missing a good one this year!! I wish too you were closer!