Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, I am officially into full holiday mode! I've already been playing Christmas music for a week or two, because it helps me to get into the mood to get busy making my Christmas crafts that are piling up on my to-do list. I'm brainstorming and crafting and busily trying to figure out creative (and cost-effective) gifts that everyone will love. Some of them are done (or at least in process) and I'd love to show you, but alas...I can't chance the receivers taking a peek here and ruining the surprise!

However, I really can't bring myself to actually get out any decorations before Thanksgiving is past. I'm one of those people who feels like I don't want to miss out on Thanksgiving trying to rush to get to Christmas. And, by January 1st I tend to be sick of all things 'merry and bright' (well, not that bad...I don't like, turn into the Grinch or anything, but after a solid month of holidays, I'm ready to move on), so I like to pace myself. In addition to Thanksgiving Day, we also celebrate our anniversary Thanksgiving weekend, so I like to savor the entire weekend all in its own rite.

This year, with money being tight we weren't sure we'd be able to do much to celebrate our anniversary (17 years!!!). However, our credit card has a 'purchase points' program, and we had some built up - just enough to use to get a nights stay at a hotel not too far from home. So we are having a mini-getaway - at no cost! We used all the points for the hotel, so we might not be able to do dinner out...but we'll make the best of it, and get all dressed up to eat a pizza in our room if need be! We have realized over the years what a precious thing our marriage is, and we really try to celebrate it in some fun way that we really get to spend some time just enjoying being together. I'm counting down the hours til my hubby whisks me away! (Well, not literally...but almost!!)

I do have some posts coming up I can't wait to share with you...some fun and creative Christmas decor (I can say 'creative' without bragging, because most of the ideas I took from someone else's blog!) as well as a furniture re-do that has kept me busy of late. I also will be doing my giveaways (because my love language is 'gifts' and I just LOVE to give people things!) as the official 'kick off' to the season. And, I received some more books from Zondervan that I am currently reading to review, so I'll be sharing that as well. One of the books is on advent, so I'll be posting some of the ideas I get from that about some little ways to keep this next month filled with meaning.

But for now, I better get going. Our family tradition is to always prepare the Thanksgiving feast all together the day before, so I'm going to be heading out to pick up a few items at the store and then off to peel, stuff, mash and roast! Mmmm...I love holidays for so many reasons...not the least of which is YUMMY food! Happy Thanksgiving, all!!!!

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