Sunday, November 22, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things...

The past few days I've been enjoying browsing blogs of people listing their favorite things so I thought I'd get in on the action. I know, nothing thoughtful or amazing here, just a little random info for you. So, while it doesn't include "raindrops on roses" or "whiskers on kittens" (and right now you are singing that in your head, aren't you?!?), here are a few of MY favorite things (my 'Top 10', in no particular order):

1. Thriftstores!!!!! I am finding many treasures at these the past few weeks, and it's become almost an obsession. I literally wonder, if I haven't hit my favorite shops for a few days what gems might be there, and what I might be missing. My local favorites are:

and Evergreen Consignment. Let me know if you know any other really good ones!!

2. These... mmmmm....

3. Thursday nights...
4. Don't care whether they win or not, I still love 'em...
5. All the creative blogs that have been inspiring me to do all manner of projects, especially this one (cuz it links me to hundreds more DIY projects)!
6. All sorts of lovely jewelry, uniquely crafted by my fav artisan -my sis! (And, oh yeah...did I mention some giveaways coming up? Well, one of those will be an awesome original set from the Betsy Collection! You'll want to check back...the fun will start next week!)

7. SPRAY PAINT!!!!! (and the little nozzle, even though mine has been giving me some grief, overall, it's a wonderful little gadget). I'm fairly addicted to spray paint, though, not sniffing it, just using it...on anything and everything!!!! (Did you know there is even spray paint for fabric?!?! Yep, people are even spray painting their upholstered furniture these days!!)
8. This stand. Still loving it, still wanting it, still can't find it.
9. Gettin' rid of tons of junk this way, and finding a few deals as well!

10. And lastly, helping to restore my sanity...
Of course, like I said, these are all 'fluff' stuff that I enjoy. The really important things in my life, aren't 'things' at all... such as my Lord, my family and my friends...and all the things associated with them. Those are what really give my life meaning. But these 'extras' sure are fun!

How 'bout you? What are some of the things that are putting a smile on your face lately?

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