Thursday, September 10, 2009

I decided it was time to accept the fact that summer is gone, (evidenced by the chilly bus stops this morning!) and change the background...goodbye fun flip-flops!!

Kate had her first day of school yesterday, and while she had an absolutely WONDERFUL day once she got there, the morning was a bit crazy. Her bus came early, and so instead of praying with her as she headed out the door I was yelling "C'mon Kate...bus is HERE!!!!" Then, as she ran out the door, Maggie thought she should join her, and also bolted. Kate is halfway between the yard and the bus and turns around, like she's going to chase Maggie! I said "NO! I'll get Maggie, you GET ON THAT BUS!!!" as I ran around the yard in my PJ's, like a crazy woman. The kind bus driver and assistant smiled and waved...must be fun to have good entertainment so early in the morning! (Kate gets the bus at 6:50 !!) I guess Maggie must've sensed this was not the day to mess with me when I turned around and started walking away from her into the house and just said "Come on, Maggie, let's go get food," because she actually came. Good thing.

The rest of the morning went okay and after the boys were off, I had a good chuckle when I heard Luke chattering away to Maggie as he played, and at one point he says "Just stop asking me so many questions, Mags!".

So, yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours of quiet I had during naptime! (Actually, about and hour and half since Kate gets home before Luke wakes up. I'm thinking about bumping up naptime just so I can have the full 2 hours! How selfish is that?!?!) Anyway, I started doing an online Bible study of Beth Moore's, and I'm absolutely loving it. I think life is going to be a very good way. :)

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