Friday, September 11, 2009

remembering 9/11

Today, as I remember the events of 9/11/01, I think back to the man I stood next to on the Staten Island Ferry as we crossed to NYC on this date last year. He was wearing a FDNY t-shirt with crosses on it, each bearing a name of a fallen fireman on that fateful day. He stood at the rail of the deck, staring off in the distance toward the statue of liberty, tears silently streaming down his face. I kind of wonder if he's there again this morning, remembering and honoring his friends and brothers in the same way. As I think of all the families today who lost loved ones, I remember specifically this man, though I don't know his name, and pray that he is able to truly receive the comfort that only Jesus can offer.

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zz said...

Aww, I would've cried just seeing his tears.

I am praying for a woman my husband knows who escaped from the 100-something floor of one tower. He said for MONTHS afterward, when they spoke on the phone (he works in Balto, the agent in NYC) she could not focus on a conversation, she spoke in lifeless monotone, had trouble with follow-up, none of which described her before 9/11. Sad. Paul said she was like a zombie. Many of her coworkers at the Marsh branch perished that day.