Tuesday, September 1, 2009

first day of 'real' school

Well, yesterday the boys (Bryce & Seth) went off for their first day of school! I did well not crying when I put them on the bus (though I will admit that I cried after I went to bed the night before). They didn't seem too nervous, and got on the bus excitedly, not even waving by to me as they pulled away, (as I stood waving like an idiot)! (They're boys...can you tell?) They knew some friends from our neighborhood to sit with on the the bus, and excitedly reported when they came home that they both had one or two boys in their class that they knew from baseball. They both seemed to enjoy the day...though I was surprised that Bryce was the one that talked more about his day, and seemed more excited, while Seth was very quiet...and completely wiped out. (Originally, Bryce was the one hesitant about starting and Seth was super-excited to go.) He (Seth) assured us that he liked everything, but he was very, very tired. He even agreed with me this morning when I said we needed to move his bedtime up half an hour. I think they will both do great, it just will take some adjusting for Seth to such a long day. He's just a kid who needs a lot of sleep...and on occasion would still nap last year (rarely, but it was nice to have the option every now and then). It was fun to hear about their day...especially when they first came in and said "Well, we didn't really do any 'school'...". In their mind, from their homeschooling experience, it really only counts as school if you are working on something or learning something new I guess...and according to Bryce, yesterday was just all about hearing all the rules! That made me chuckle. They, of course, loved recess and lunch...the two things I heard most about. Haven't wrangled much info out of them yet about their actual teacher or classroom experiences...you know, all that is really secondary to lunch and recess anyway! :)

The funniest thing was when, 5 minutes after the boys left on the bus, another bus went passed and Luke jumped up and yelled "They're back!!" Sorry buddy...he really has no idea what he's in for this year! Kate doesn't even start school til the 9th of September, so we spent all day yesterday doing her school shopping, so Luke hasn't even experienced the impact of being alone all day yet! But even today, as soon as we got in the house from putting the boys on the bus, he hauled out his number and letter books to do his school work. If this keeps up at this rate, he just might be reading before he ever starts kindgergarten, what with all of this undivided attention he'll have!

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Zoanna said...

Aw, I'm so glad to hear how well it went for them (and you). I remember those tears I shed leading up to my boys going to "real" school after umpteen years of homeschool. (The tears were all mine, not theirs, in case you had any doubts?) But it was good for us and them, and do pray it will be for you. Cute about "they're back!" Oh, my, He will sorely miss them for awhile.