Saturday, August 22, 2009

goodbye summer

Well, sadly, vacation is over. We had a great time...though, I have found over the years, that after returning from family vacation, it seems there should be a time of 'parent vacation' a time that is actually relaxing! I'm learning there's a difference, at least when there's kids involved, between 'fun' and 'relaxing'. Our vacation was definitely fun!

We were truly blessed to get such a seriously great deal on a house to stay in, and we spent most of the time on the beach. I was glad to find that there was really minimal TV watching (though I found for myself it would not be a good thing for me to have HGTV or TLC because, while I really hate 'reality' TV - shows like Jon & Kate, 18 & Counting, etc. all annoy me - the makeover shows - person or house - would have me addicted in no time!!) and we spent LOTS of time on the beach, and then doing a family activity of some sort in the evening.

Now it's the last week of summer, and I simply can't believe it!! Seems like lots to do this week, but unfortunately, I came back from vacation sick, and don't seem to be recovering too quickly, and now Luke has it too. So, I'm taking it easy today yet, hoping to kick this cough and be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

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