Sunday, August 16, 2009

sun and sand and alpha males...

We are headed off for vacation at last!! Ah, sun & surf, here we come! We are heading to Brigantine for a few days, and hope to have some relaxing fun with the fam.

Last night we took Maggie to the "doggie-sitter" (a.k.a. Laura & Luke) for while we are gone. First of all, let me just say that they are absolute SAINTS for taking the crazy beast. And they keep reassuring me they don't mind (though, they haven't actually had her yet). Of course, no sooner had I taken her off her leash and she realized the screen door wasn't latched, and out she went. Luke & Laura live much more 'in town' than we do, so I'm basically thinking "oh, crap". Luke & Todd were outside, where she darted past them. They calmly called her (and she continued to run) til Todd said "Maggie, come back here right now!" The dog stopped, turned around and walked right back to them. Luke calmly reached out and took her collar, and she was returned to the house in a matter of less than a minute.

WHA...??????? (Apparently I need to record Todd's voice for when she escapes us during the day...) Must be nice to be the alpha male.

(Don't know if we'll have access to internet this week, so I may or may not be checking in before next weekend...if not, have a wonderful week!)


Zoanna said...

Have a great vacagtion. All I can say is "Tip WELL!"

I took our Molly dog to a nearby creek w/ Joel, after my 21 year old son had taken him and MOlly several times off leash to romp in the water. But as soon as I unhooked her, she darted NOT into the water but into the woods.

JOel said, "Mom, I think Ben should be here. Molly listens to him."

Zoanna said...

I mean tip your dogsitter well. :_