Friday, May 8, 2009

wedding day

I can't believe it's been a week since my mom's wedding, and I haven't posted any pics yet! Well, actually that's because I didn't have any! So, I have now swiped some from other people's Facebook pages (thanks!) to share with you. I have to say, the whole process of my mom getting remarried has been a very complicated, emotional one for me. But through it all, I have gotten to know Bob (my mom's new husband) - who is very nice, and I am pleased to see really cares for my kids, and they are responding well to him, and beginning to build relationship. Truly, my mom couldn't have looked any happier or more radiant on her wedding day, and that is a wonderful blessing, for which I am grateful. I am still processing through another phase of missing and grieving for my daddy, but I have come to understand and accept that it is normal, and even healthy, to allow myself to do that, in my own time and my own way.

As for the wedding day... it went as smoothly as any I've ever seen, and everyone looked great and had a lot of fun. The kids, of course, stole the show, coming in second only to my mom's glow.

On a funny note...Lukey made it down the aisle between Joelle and Eva, scowling and glaring and practically dragging the girls along. He had determined the night before, at practice, that everyone was laughing at him. I assured him they were not, that they just thought he was cute, to which he responded "No I'm not!!". Bryce heard this exchange and quickly jumped in to inform me that boys do not want to be thought of as "cute". Trying to make amends for causing such an offense, I quickly told Lucas that people were really smiling because they thought Ellie and Eva were cute. To this he replied, "Then I don't want to walk with them." Well, I told him he just had to, and he complied, but he made sure he shot daggers from his eyes at anyone who might have implied the dreaded "cuteness" by smiling at him!

Anyway, here are some pics, and I'm sure I'll be posting more...

Luke and his bestest friend Ellie

Not sure why we all look cranky here...we really weren't!!
The whole gang...
Does this crew look like trouble or what?!?!

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