Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Wars meets modern technology

While the kids were with Grammy and Grandpop this weekend, they got to go to a large yardsale, where they found a few treasures. They were so excited...especially the boys about their Star Wars actions figures!! (They are VERY into Star Wars right now...apparently a 'rite of passage' for all young boys, some of whom never grow out of it!)

Yesterday morning Luke came in to wake us up, very excited to show us his toy. "Mom!" he said. "Look at my MP-3PO!!!!". What a hoot! There's definitely a bit of a generational gap going on here...he just cannot seem to process that it's "C-3PO", because MP3 is so embedded into his brain!


Nathan said...

aw so cute! the new movie is out. it was pretty good!

Holly said...

That's pretty neat... honestly, i'm looking forward to being into something - ANYTHING other than Thomas the Train!!

Kristine said...

just wait... if they get hooked on it, it becomes an obesession... soon they'll be giving each other Star Wars names, like Malachi Skywalker. I'm not kidding :)