Sunday, January 4, 2009

sayin' bye to the bug

Man, this new year has gotten off to quite a rough start for us. Our family, starting with Seth, started with a stomach bug on New Year's Day. By the middle of that night, Kate and I had joined in the 'fun'. It seems that almost every family we know has it as well! It was extra-interesting because it happened to fall on the day that we had to do our biggest wedding flower job yet, and my sister/partner has a royally messed up knee, and is basically immobilized. (Or at least she's supposed to be!) We were quite the pair as we worked on Friday, both of us grimacing in pain many times throughout the day and having to regularly take breaks to actually lay down and rest in order to keep on going! But I'm so happy to say that we got it all done, and we owe a lot of thanks to our dear hubby's who helped out so much (especially Joe, since he was actually there all day long AND created a way for us to safely transport our bouquets, as well as did an emergency run when we went to deliver the flowers and forgot the corsage pins! Oi!).

It seems we are all over the bug now, and I've never been so excited to eat something besides Saltines! We had decided last week that we would be canceling church tonight just because we knew most of our church had just gotten completely worn out over the holidays and could use a rest before starting back to post-holiday life. We are trying to really learn the principle of rest, and thought it would be good to encourage starting off the year from a place of 'rest' rather than 'rush'. Now, having had the week we all did, I'm really glad we made the decision ahead of time to cancel. I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing day with my family, getting a little bit prepared to start back to school tomorrow, and in general, not stressing about anything. So far it's off to a good start.

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