Sunday, January 4, 2009

day of rest

I'm reveling in the day today; I got a lot done as far as tidying up around the house so I can go into the new school week (after a long and way-too-busy 'vacation') uncluttered. Straightening up around here actually seemed relaxing to me today. Not sure if it's because I didn't have to do it, or because just being home and getting settled back in felt so good, but either way, it just didn't feel like work.

Right now I'm sitting listening to and thoroughly enjoying the sounds of my family...

In her room, typical for her age, Kate sits chatting away with her best friend (who I love dearly and hope they stay close forever) on the phone.

The younger boys (Seth & Luke) are absolutely cracking up over who-knows-what (and strangely I think there are swords and super-hero costumes involved) while the 'big' boys (Bryce and Todd) excitedly watch the Eagles playoff game. I hope for their sakes that their team wins and goes all the way (would it be too much for the Phils AND the Eagles to both do it in the same year?!?!?!).

And I plan to join them after posting this and, though I really don't understand or care that much about football, I thoroughly enjoy watching and being with them. And in true football-spirit, I think we'll be having wings for supper.

Now this is what Sundays are meant to be like!

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Holly said...

I'm looking forward to you're new posts! I do so love to read you're blog! Helps me feel connected to you and yours! Also, wanted to tell you that I'm drinking Rwandan coffee this morning. Came right from The Land of a Thousand Hills! One of our ladies groups did a thing and sold it at church! I also got one of those cool t-shirts that says on the front "Drink Coffee Do Good" (I saw the link on your blog page.)

Have a great day Cuz! Love you!