Monday, December 29, 2008

steady gaze

Tonight as this song (below) played in my living room I was totally caught up in the lyrics. My heart was so stirred, and it reminded me of how long it's been since I was able to sit and just have a really intimate time with God. Not that I haven't read my Bible, or prayed, or prepared a lesson or something... But to just sit at His feet, to be captivated by His presence... Oh, how I miss it when I don't make time for that. And how refreshing the re-connection is when I do. As I thought about the freshness of a New Year, I decided to make this my prayer...that my life in 2009 would be a steadier gaze into my Saviors face.

by Vicky Beeching

Your laughter it echoes like a joyous thunder
Your whisper it warms me like a summer breeze
Your anger is fiercer than the sun in its splendour
You’re close and yet full of mystery
Ever since the day that I saw Your face
Try as I may, I cannot look away, I cannot look away…

Captivated by You
I am captivated by You
May my life be one unbroken gaze
Fixed upon the beauty of Your face

Beholding is becoming, so as You fill my gaze
I become more like You and my heart is changed
Beholding is becoming, so as You fill my view
Transform me into the likeness of You

This is what I ask, for all my days
That I may, never look away, never look away…
No other could ever be as beautiful
No other could ever steal my heart away
I just can’t look away…

(You can click below if you'd like to hear the song)


Denise said...

What a beautiful song. Funny but that was something I had just prayed for us... that our eyes would be on Jesus... on His face. This reminds me of a song Patty gave me. It starts out with "See the way He holds the stars in His hand.. see the way He holds my heart. It goes on to say "God is a lover looking for a lover so He fashioned me.' Don't know who performed the song or wrote it. Just makes me think how important I personally am to the Father... we all are on that personal level. It stirs up so many emotions in me... unworthiness, awe, wonder and yet so very special to be wooed and loved like that.

Holly said...


Christelle Joy said...

love the song