Monday, December 29, 2008

looking ahead

Things have been pleasantly busy around here since Christmas and all its bustle. We didn't have too many dinners, other than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families, but Todd's been off work since then and we've been trying to get lots done. We got one or two projects done around the house - though I'm hoping to accomplish lots more this week before we are back into school full-swing. I'm also hoping to actually get a little bit of school time logged as well. It's always good to have a break though, get refreshed and re-group. It's kind of a little bit like getting to start the year again - which is a good thing since we've sort of veered off from our original plans for how things were going to go this year. It really got us off on the wrong foot having our charter school materials arrive so very late, and then getting Maggie was the final straw that left any semblance of a schedule go right out the window. But now that she's getting a bit better with housebreaking (though we had several accidents today - something that she hasn't done for a few weeks!), and we're into a bit of a groove with the boys school, I'm actually looking forward to buckling down and getting back into things in January. I'm going to be glad to have the craziness of the holidays behind us, and hopefully many less interruptions and more 'regular' school days.

I was pondering this today, though. If most of your life (or at least what seems like half) is spent getting 'back to normal', is 'normal' really 'normal'???? Hmmm...deep thoughts...

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