Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm such a sap

I am feeling particularly in love with my husband today. I'm not sure what has stirred this, (not that I'm not always in love with him, but I'm feeling particularly sappy about it today I guess!). Maybe it's because I'm thinking about our 15th anniversary coming up, and being at the church we got married in last weekend brought back a lot of good memories of not just our wedding, but the early days of our marriage. Maybe it's because I am incredibly proud of Todd when he is 'on-fire' when he preaches, and when I watch him deal with people, and handle situations with wisdom and ease. (It's not a bad kind of pride, I just find him very attractive when he is 'in his element', doing what he is so obviously called to do...). Maybe it's the combination of cold weather, upcoming holidays and our evening schedule not being quite so packed that builds anticipation of evenings spent cuddled up on the couch reading or watching a movie after all the kids are tucked snug in their beds. I don't know, but whatever the source, I'm just gonna enjoy thinking about how blessed I am to have such a great guy!

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Zoanna said...

AWw, I love it when married people get sappy, provided they don't put hand motions to it in public! :) I, too, love watching my hubby "in his element"--which is both business and guitar. When he tells me that co=workers are asking him for investment advice, or when he's leading worship at care group or playing with the band, I just love him all the more. And when he cooks? OOh, boy. Turned on!