Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a pain in the neck...and shoulder...and arm

I mentioned before that I was having pain off and on in my shoulder/neck area, and it came back this weekend with a vengeance!! When I got up yesterday I could barely move my head side to side, and couldn't raise my arm above shoulder height. (Makes it very interesting to shower, and especially to wash my hair! By the time I got the to the conditioner I was in so much pain I forgot to rinse it out! I discovered this when I went to comb through my hair, but there was NO WAY I was getting back it to rinse it, so I opted to live with somewhat greasy hair yesterday...wasn't going anywhere anyway!). I called my sis who, thankfully(!!), is a massage therapist and asked for a massage. She came over last night to try to help me get some relief, but after a wonderfully long massage her assessment was that I probably wouldn't have very immediate relief, to keep it warm, and she'd probably have to give me another massage in 2 days. Awwww....poor me, having to endure ANOTHER massage!! I was quite saddened, however, to wake this morning to find my condition no better, so it looks like another bad hair day filled with very slow and gingerly movement for me!

Prayers for relief gladly accepted!!


Anonymous said...

i will be praying for you Jess. Hope you feel better soon. Jimmy DeWan

zo said...

Is your sister willing to make Maryland house calls???? I had a similar pain in the neck and between shoulder blades. Had to see chiropractor for relief. The whole time I"m there I'm thinking, this feels great, I'd love to follow it up with a massage. HOpe you get quick relief. AS my post on old says "half the things in my grocery cart say 'for quick relief'!