Thursday, November 22, 2007


While I have lots of other life tid-bits to catch you all up on, I don't have much time, and I'm extremely tired, but it seemed only right to share some (and this is the short list!!) of the things I am thankful for. So here goes...
  • My mom...something one might not give much thought to, until suddenly they're gone. I'm missing my dad, but being reminded through the his absence to be more thankful for my mom, and grateful I have her.
  • My wonderful husband who has willingly and tirelessly, without complaint worked many hours on my mom's house with us.
  • My adorable kids...who have been particularly trying the past few's good they're so stinkin' cute!! (Especially the 2 year old who has discovered his will...)
  • My family...sisters, brother-in-laws, neices and nephews...all 19 of us will be together feasting tomorrow on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, limas, rolls and assorted mouth is watering already!!
  • Great in-laws - it seems like so many people can't stand their in-laws and are always upset and offended at them. I am really blessed to have wonderful ones who I truly enjoy being with, who are always there for us, and I am honored to call them family.
  • An amazing church family - and especially our leadership team at Koinonia House. They have been God's hands on earth and have both held and carried us more times than I can count, or probably than they realized over the past 2+ years since we started this adventure. You are the best guys...there's no one else I'd rather be in this with!!
I could go on and on, but I really want to hit the pillow so I won't be a tired crank tomorrow as all 19 of us cram together for a day of food, games, football, dishes, probably a few time-outs (or spankings if it gets really ugly), maybe some spackling and painting...but I digress. In all honesty - I can't wait. I love holidays and I love my family. Hopefully I'll have some fun family pics to post by the end of the weekend!!

Have a great thanksgiving - and take time to ACTUALLY give thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Buckwalter,Clemmer,Kichline,Glick family. Love you lots and lots and lots and lots. Happy Thanksgiving. Jimmy DeWan.

Briana Almengor said...

we're at my mom's now and will see ya'll on Saturday, God willing..probably the first time you will see Bella, huh? ;)