Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white...Thanksgiving????

I had two very disappointed little boys yesterday. They had sent out invitations to 8 of their friends inviting them to a 'sports party'. Bryce has been asking to do this since summer, but, all excuses aside, I kept putting him off. So I finally got around to finding a date that worked, we made the invitations, everyone was planning to come, and low and SNOWS!!! The boys were really bummed at first, but then both of them ended up getting to go over to a friend's house (one who was planning to be here playing football!) to play, so that definitely eased the blow. I never would have thought the party would be snowed out! It actually started as rain, but ended up as snow. Yep, that's right folks, November 18 and we got the white stuff already!! Not tons, but this morning when we got up the kids were excited to see the yard covered in white. Let the holidays begin!!

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