Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving at Mom's

Thanksgiving was great...we all crammed in my mom's newly fixed up house (not quite finished yet) and had a 'big-family' good time. That means everyone was loud, we laughed a lot, and things got spilled. Good times, good times. (And no children got in any real trouble or were injured throughout the course of the day! Success!!)

I, of course, as ALWAYS, forgot to take pics!! I get so mad at myself - I never remember to bring my camera places! Yesterday I remembered to bring it, but in all the chaos forgot to get it out!! Arrgghhh....

The realtor came through my mom's house and was pleased, and came back with a great number. I thought we were done the work, but he pointed out a few more things we should do to help the 'sellability'. After he left I nearly cried. Not because it's terribly major things (and least compared to what we already did), but because I thought we were finally done. Not. Anyway, we're trying to quick finish those things, and we (meaning Mom) signs the papers and lists it on Monday; then we are praying hard for the right buyer to come - QUICKLY!!

It's become more emotional than I thought thinking about selling the house. Maybe even more so after we put all the work into it. But we talked again with Mom about her feelings, and she's sure about selling, not only because she is not able to do it financially, she really doesn't want the weight of the responsibility for it either and all that goes along with that. Which I completely understand and agree. But it's still hard just the same. So we'd appreciate your prayers, as it doesn't make it any easier that all this is happening in the midst of the holidays, which are still rough, even though it's not our 'first', without Daddy.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Its always nice to be with the people you love and are THANKFUL for. My favorite 2 holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Easter is also. Anyway Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best. Your around people who you always love and care for so much. I am really glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. I am still praying for your whole entire family. I Love all of you guys. Keep in touch. Jimmy DeWan

Aunt Linda said...

Hi Jess,

I'm so glad Thanksgiving went well. I had a lovely chat with your mom on the phone on Thanksgiving morning, and she sounded like she was doing well. Wow...she just SO appreciates everything that you & Todd & Bets & Joe have done. It's a difficult thing to take on a job of that magnitude, especially when there are so many children to be taken into consideration!! I'm so impressed. Y'all have really stepped up to the plate for your mom, right from the beginning. What a blessing you are to those who look at you and say "wow...wonder if OUR kids would step up like that!"

We are praying that the house will sell quickly for her.

We are back home after the birth of our newest granddaughter...Avery Reece Winslow. Mom & Avery are doing very well after the C-section on Nov 14. Luke is accepting the changes with great aplomb. I loved spending so much time with him and conversing with him. Talking to Luke is like talking to an adult!! He has quite a level of communication skill. Avery was crying the other day & Luke asked me what was wrong with her. I told him I thought she was hungry, but that she was unable to tell me what she wanted. He said "yes, Avery has no words yet. But when she gets her words, then she'll tell you what she wants!" What a precious time it was to be there, and very difficult to leave & come back home.

Blessings to you and your family!
Oh, by the way, was Kate able to get a replacement for her lost doll shoe?

Aunt Linda